Meeting a HFOT Veteran

Friday,  May 20th, Donita, Kelly and I were so honored to have the privilege to meet with Marine Cpl. Zachary Nelson and his wife Kiley at their beautiful home in Noblesville, IN. Theirs is a story of true love overcoming life changing obstacles from the war in Afghanistan. With a soft spoken disposition Zachary shared briefly the recovery journey and how he came to hear of Homes for Our Troops. He shared the struggles he faced moving back home and having to rely on others due to inadequate wheelchair access. There were so many things around the home that proved very challenging. (more…)

Changing Gears

I apologize for my silence on what my plans are, but after receiving the terrible news about Donita’s accident I went numb and have been in a state of shock and disbelief.  I have had a myriad of thoughts running through my head ever since… Do I continue to do what Donita and I set out to do but do it alone? Do I go home and be with my family now, so I can see my youngest son, Aidan, play his last summer of travel baseball? Is there a way to still fulfill both the mission I was setting out to do and still be able to enjoy some of my son’s last summer playing ball?  How can I bear the financial responsibility of the whole 8 week trip on my own without hurting my family financially? I’ve had to remind myself of all that is important to not just me but to my family and those who are supporting me on my journey. I’ve taken a few days to get clear about what matters and why I was doing this journey in the first place. I wanted to push myself to do something bigger than myself and also raise awareness for a cause for which I believed. How can I reinvent myself and change gears when something tragic like this occurs and still fulfill both purposes?

When I named this “The Wandering Project!” little did I know at the time the true depth that name would come to have for me. Originally I named it that in an attempt to explain that we were wandering from place to place across the US for a project called Homes for Our Troops. Now it has such a deeper meaning. As we are wandering through this journey called life there are many twists and turns. It’s not flat roads like we would experience in Kansas and some of the Midwest states. In life you don’t get to see for miles and miles knowing what’s up ahead easily able to spot potential danger and make necessary adjustments to keep the ride safe and smooth. No, life is full of the unexpected, the twists, the turns, the adventure. As my mother-in-law used to say, “you’ve gotta be flexible in every situation.” It’s time for me to let go of the “maps” and the “plan” and go coast to coast in a revised fashion.

As of today we have collectively raised $4,041 of our original $3,800 goal. Thank you all for that amazing support and helping us already achieve that goal! Even though I will be doing a revised coast to coast trip we will still be raising awareness as well as funds for HFOT while we are traveling. The average cost for one room is approximately $5,000. It would be awesome for us to say that we raised enough money to build 1 room for someone’s home through The Wandering Project.

The plan…Sorry I threw it out. I can give you an overview and you’ll just have to follow my adventure on the website and Facebook to see how the day unfolds. How’s that for living life on the edge? 😉

Donita and I were traveling through 10 states. California-Nevada-Utah-Colorado-Kansas-Missouri-Illinois-Kentucky-Virginia-North Carolina. As motivation for Donita’s quick and full recovery we are going to save the original coast to coast trip plan for a few years out when Donita has made her full recovery. Postponing it for a season will allow us to fulfill a very challenging dream together. As for this coast to coast trip, I will be wandering with my sister from state to state as we visit various places by bike and by car. In order for me to feel a personal sense of accomplishment, each day I ride I will be setting challenging goals for myself such as: tackling a ride through the Rockies and maybe even ride across a whole state. My goal is to be home to watch my son, Aidan, play ball the month of July. Kelly and I are excited about visiting places our parents took us to when we were younger as well as seeing new places across the US.  We will be taking lots of pictures along the way.  I hope you will still follow me and my sister’s journey from CA to NC even though I will no long be doing the original full coast to coast riding.

I thank you from the bottom of my heat for your love, concern, text and Facebook messages, phone calls, emails, support and prayers. Wow, I truly am overwhelmed with your love and concern for both Donita and me and belief in us. Please keep my travels in your prayers but mainly pray for my sweet friend, Donita’s road to recovery.  I am so thankful she is alive!

Due to taking a few days to clear my head I will now start the revised 2016 Wandering Project June 1st.

Pray for Donita

Tuesday May 24th at roughly 7:30 pm my riding partner and good friend, Donita Walters was struck on her bicycle from behind by a car driving approximately 60 mph. She was knocked unconscious and thrown into the ditch. 911 was immediately called and paramedics, ambulance and lifeline arrived on the scene.

This was her last ride before heading West to take her son Adam to Iowa for his summer job. From there she was flying to meet me in San Jose. Our ride was to begin Sunday May 29th.

After careful examination they found that she had a broken neck, and her pelvis was broken in two places. Miraculously she was alive with bruising on both skin and organs and road rash but no internal bleeding.

The road to recovery is estimated to be about 1 1/2 year before she will be back to 100% but we know what a fighter she is and believe it will be shorter than expected.

Wednesday afternoon they placed rods in both sides of her pelvis and Thursday they determined that she did not need to have surgery on her neck. Though she is dealing with severe pain all over she is recovering and grateful to be alive.

We ask for your continued prayer and support for her and her family as she is embarks on this journey of recovery.


25 days and counting

25 more days until our journey begins in San Fransisco! We are super excited.  Just a quick update and exciting news. We have added a new partner in crime to our Wandering Project team.  Our third partner will be driving our SAG wagon (Support and Gear car).  My older sister, (yes, I have to point out that she is older than I am so that there is no confusion) Kelly Huskins, will be along on our journey.  We are happy to have her accompany us on this trip for however long she wants to be with us, especially now that she will haul my favorite pillow. 🙂  If I can’t sleep with two people snoring at least I will be comfortable laying in bed counting sheep.  Kelly and I will be heading to CA via car around the 20th-21st. (more…)


Fundraising Begins!

We are officially at the 5 month mark before our little adventure begins!  Donita and I are excited.  We have been communicating back and forth via text and email on the little details of our fundraising and have decided to begin it today!  We have 5 Months to raise $3800.  Please consider helping us meet our goals.

Check out this video for some more info on Homes for our Troops.

Click on the donation tab in the menu for ways you can help donate.  We appreciate you helping us meet our goal.  If you can’t help financially, we will need cheerleaders to encourage us during our 5 month training period as well as when we finally start riding on June 6th.


Who We Are

Welcome to Wandering Project.  Who are we? Just two girls who love to cycle and want to make a dream come true by riding across the America coast to coast.  We want to challenge ourselves, see the country at a slower pace, see small towns, meet new people and get in a little exercise everyday for 7 weeks.  We not only want to expand our own horizons but we want this journey of ours to benefit others as well.  (more…)