Meeting a HFOT Veteran

Friday,  May 20th, Donita, Kelly and I were so honored to have the privilege to meet with Marine Cpl. Zachary Nelson and his wife Kiley at their beautiful home in Noblesville, IN. Theirs is a story of true love overcoming life changing obstacles from the war in Afghanistan. With a soft spoken disposition Zachary shared briefly the recovery journey and how he came to hear of Homes for Our Troops. He shared the struggles he faced moving back home and having to rely on others due to inadequate wheelchair access. There were so many things around the home that proved very challenging. Even cooking proved to be a challenge as the stoves height does not allow a person in a wheelchair to peer into the pots on top. They shared so many things that we take for granted on a daily basis that became daily obstacles to overcome.


As we toured the home that Homes for Our Troops built for them we were all amazed. Not only was it beautiful, it was very well thought out. The kitchen was amazing both in detail and wheelchair accessibility. Now the things that worried Kiley about Zachary getting hurt are a thing of the past. The quality and workmanship was very impressive, from the floor transitions to the closet storm shelter so many details were thought out.

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Homes for Our Troops has given this family and so many of our veterans, in as much as possible, their independence back by providing a safe place for them to call home and be with their families.

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I am so very grateful Cpl. Zachary and Kiley opened their home and shared their story with us. After hearing their story and seeing what Homes for Our Troops built for them, I am so glad that we chose to partner with HFOT to raise money and awareness of ways to honor our veterans for the sacrifices they have made for our freedom.

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