Pray for Donita

Tuesday May 24th at roughly 7:30 pm my riding partner and good friend, Donita Walters was struck on her bicycle from behind by a car driving approximately 60 mph. She was knocked unconscious and thrown into the ditch. 911 was immediately called and paramedics, ambulance and lifeline arrived on the scene.

This was her last ride before heading West to take her son Adam to Iowa for his summer job. From there she was flying to meet me in San Jose. Our ride was to begin Sunday May 29th.

After careful examination they found that she had a broken neck, and her pelvis was broken in two places. Miraculously she was alive with bruising on both skin and organs and road rash but no internal bleeding.

The road to recovery is estimated to be about 1 1/2 year before she will be back to 100% but we know what a fighter she is and believe it will be shorter than expected.

Wednesday afternoon they placed rods in both sides of her pelvis and Thursday they determined that she did not need to have surgery on her neck. Though she is dealing with severe pain all over she is recovering and grateful to be alive.

We ask for your continued prayer and support for her and her family as she is embarks on this journey of recovery.

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